Citrix Workspace Application is the gateway to connecting you to all things SPS. New updates to address performance, stabilities, security are constantly being added to most current releases that improves the overall experience. We strongly urge all users to update to the latest version
Download the latest Citrix Workspace Version.

ODASA(P)'s policy is that all SPS-A users are accessing the SPS-A environment using a version of CITRIX Workspace which is not beyond EOM plus 12 months, view the EOL matrix for more information, Lifecycle Milestones for Citrix Receiver - Citrix. The SPS-A team continues to monitor the version of CITRIX used to connect to the SPS-A environment to ensure the highest level of security to avoid any vulnerability that might allow unwanted access to the Armyís network. On a monthly cycle, the SPS-A team will pull a list of users who are using a version of CITRIX not complaint with ODASA(P)ís policy and notify all users and their FSAs via email to upgrade to the latest version of CITRIX Workspace in 30 days. If notified, you will have thirty-days (30) days to update your version before losing access CITRIX and SPS-A.

For userís unable to upgrade to the latest version, please coordinate with your FSA to reach out to your NEC for support. FSAs, SOCOM has tested and approved all 22xx CITRIX Workspace versions, please share Citrix Workspace Approval Documentation. with your NEC to help them make decisions on how to best support you in maintaining CITRIX compliance.

How To Identify Your Version

For more information visit us on Procurement.Army.Mil, we will keep the CITRIX Compliance tile on Cyber Corner and FSA Corner updated with the latest information and resources.

Help Desk Contact Info

SPS-A Army Enterprise Service Desk (AESD)

Hours of Operation:

Tier 1: 24x7x365

Tier 2: 0800-1700 EST

Contact the AESD using one of the following mechanisms:
Phone: 1-866-335-2769 (ARMY)
Select option 1 'Unclassified' then option 3 'Procurement'


Web: AESD Website

SPS Help Desk
Phone: 800.234.7453


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