SECURITY ANNOUNCEMENT: Citrix Receiver Action Encouraged

Please note, SPS-A will not be disabling access based upon this issue. This is to inform you of the existing risk so you can take active steps to get ahead of any issues which may come from this security risk. You should work with your local support staff to remediate it before it results in an outage.

Failure to take action could result in loss of access to PD2 via SPS-A environment!!
As the Citrix Receiver software is essential to your continued access to the SPS-A PD2 environment, prompt action is recommended to prevent loss of access to the contract writing software. The SPS-A support team has received a security alert (Citrix Knowledge Article link); and, we need the assistance of all users to ensure your security posture is maintained. All users need to work with their local IT support to ensure that your computer has a secure version of Citrix Receiver installed. While it is beyond the ability of the support team to speak for your desktop support group, vulnerabilities of this nature characteristically result in the software being removed or disabled until remediated.

For more information visit the SPS page on Procurement.Army.Mil

SPS-A Upgrades to SR17b

The planned upgrades to SPS SR17b are underway. Please reference the SPS Page on for the complete schedule.

Help Desk Contact Info

SPS-A Army Enterprise Service Desk (AESD)

Hours of Operation:
Tier 1: 24x7x365
Tier 2: 0800-1700 EST

Contact the AESD using one of the following mechanisms:
Phone: 1-866-335-2769 (ARMY) #Option 7
Email: Email AESD
A .mil email address has to be used when emailing the AESD
Web: AESD Website

SPS Help Desk @ CACI

Phone: 800.234.7453


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Update Citrix Receiver

In an effort to increase performance and reliability, Citrix has released a new plug-in. This plug-in needs to be downloaded and installed to ensure that all sites are getting the most recent improvements. After downloading Receiver (link below), please rename the executable from CitrixReceiver.exe to CitrixReceiverWeb.exe. Once the executable has been renamed, please run the newly named executable. Some sites might need the assistance of an on-site SA to accomplish this.
Download Citrix Receiver